Setting Up a New R&D Center in Poland Within a Few Months for Gett



Synergy Period

1+ years

Team size



Java, Ruby, Go

Team Composition

Back End Engineers, DevOps, QA

The Client

Gett is a global ride-management and delivery platform simplifying urban navigation. With 800+ employees, Gett offers fast, reliable services like on-demand rides, taxis, courier services, and more. Serving over a quarter of Fortune 500 companies, Gett leads in ground transportation management (GTM) with 2000+ partner fleets. They prioritize corporate social responsibility, innovate technology, reduce carbon emissions, and enhance road safety.


In 2022, Gett encountered a strategic hurdle: the swift movement of its specialized multidisciplinary R&D team to Poland. The company sought a capable partner to undertake this ambitious endeavor, and after thorough analysis and research, they opted for Adaptiq as the ideal choice.


Gett was searching for a partner to meet the challenge of assembling a multidisciplinary team in a new location under tight time constraints. Due to the intense operational changes, the hiring process needed to be quick and efficient. Adaptiq was selected to help build a new operation, including the selection and integration of new talents into a professional environment, ensuring seamless knowledge transfer, rapid technological onboarding, and cultural adaptation.

We played an important role in helping to establish streamlined onboarding processes for the new remote team at Gett. Initially, integrating new remote hires into the company’s workflows was a new challenge due to the onboarding and offboarding stages serving team members at physical locations only. However, with Adaptiq’s assistance, the onboarding experience for remote team members was implemented ensuring smoother integration into the company’s operations.

Our Partnership

  • We were able to grasp the client’s requirements and meet both the ambitious timeline and expected quality standards when establishing an R&D center in Poland. With an accurate step-by-step plan in place, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the client’s business, ensuring a thorough understanding of their needs and objectives from the outset. This shared understanding fostered a seamless working relationship, enabling us to successfully deliver results that aligned with the desired deadline and quality benchmarks.
  • We undertook a strategic approach to attract high-caliber developers by enhancing Gett’s brand recognition in the Polish market. Through a robust brand promotion campaign, we leveraged job websites, portals, and relevant media channels to amplify the company’s visibility and reputation. By showcasing the advantages of working at Gett, we successfully enticed skilled professionals who were enthusiastic about joining a company renowned for its innovative culture and strong reputation.
  • Gett has a comprehensive selection process comprising multiple stages of both technical and general interviews. This process aimed to hire candidates with a technology-focused mindset, exceptional soft skills, cultural fit, and values aligned with the company’s standards. We were able to attract and hire candidates who successfully passed all the selection stages.
  • As the platform had been developing over the course of several years, employing different back-end languages and involving multiple team units, our aim was to recruit specialists whose skill sets aligned with the diverse technology stack used by the client. As a result, we were able to recruit senior back-end developers who possessed a profound understanding of the product’s business logic and had extensive experience in enterprise environments.


  1. With great success, we managed to establish an R&D team in Poland and form the core team within an impressively short timeframe.
  2. We recruited top-tier engineers who displayed remarkable agility in quickly acquiring knowledge of the extensive platform.
  3. Adaptiq played a vital role in promoting Gett’s presence in Poland. Through targeted efforts, we successfully enhanced Gett’s recognition in the new market, ultimately attracting senior-level talent.
  4. Adaptiq played an important role in helping Gett create and implement onboarding and integration processes. The reframed procedures, previously tailored for in-office employees, were successfully adapted, resulting in a smooth integration of team members regardless of their locations.

Yevgeni Mumblat


We’ve engaged with Adaptiq to build a dedicated R&D Team in Poland within extremely strict business timeframes and we couldn't be more pleased with the results.

From the very beginning, the Adaptiq team made sure to fully understand our business needs and objectives, and presented a whole new level of communication which has resulted in a seamless working relationship.

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