High-Performing Scrum Teams and DevOps Engineers in Ukraine for ProteanTecs



Synergy Period

3+ year

Team size



Java, Python, React

Team Composition

DevOps Engineers, QA, Front End Engineers, Team Leads

The Client

ProteanTecs was founded in 2017 by seasoned industry veterans, including three former founders of Mellanox Technologies. Despite its young age, the company has already made impressive strides, having raised $192M. The team at ProteanTecs is highly multidisciplinary, combining expertise in SaaS, machine learning, chip and circuit design, and other domains to create a revolutionary solution. This multidisciplinary approach allows ProteanTecs to offer deep data analytics on a cloud-based platform to monitor the health and performance of advanced electronics.



ProteanTecs had to meet the demands of their clients, that is why they needed to expand their R&D and DevOps teams with senior engineers who had expertise in various cloud platforms. In addition to this, they recognized the importance of optimizing their development process and enhancing team collaboration. Thus, the initial step was to build two separate Scrum teams with different roles and levels of expertise to achieve these goals.



Initially, ProteanTecs was focused on finding senior engineers with a strong professional background and deeply immersed in Agile and Scrum methodologies.

The internal work processes of the Ukrainian team were significantly disrupted due to the onset of a full-scale war after the team had already become operational.


Our Partnership

Adaptiq was chosen to help build extensions to the teams for ProteanTecs. From the very beginning, we created a clear roadmap for each team structure that outlined the requirements, team composition, roles, and timelines. We successfully handled all the challenges, including building two Scrum teams headed by experienced team leads and finding unique DevOps engineers that met the client’s specific needs.

We have also ensured that the teams we’ve built became cultural fit and soft skills match for ProteanTecs. As a result, they have exhibited remarkable stability and a low attrition rate in the longer run.

proteanTecs Ukraine

When a full-scale military invasion occurred, we prioritized the safety of the team in alignment with the client’s goals. We assisted in relocating the Ukrainian teams, arranging workstations in new cities, providing equipment, offering legal support, and establishing an office shelter in Kyiv for those who decided to stay. We helped manage the client’s business continuity, enabling the team to achieve 80% productivity in the first week and become fully operational in two weeks.

Effective communication and significant involvement in HR operations have helped us establish a high-trust partnership with ProteanTecs.



  1. Built two high-profile Scrum teams with experienced team leads
  2. Built a team of DevOps engineers who quickly integrated into the software development process
  3. ProteanTecs continues to hire talents in the Ukrainian market and scales new business lines with Adaptiq’s help
  4. Continuously track team performance metrics and identify areas for improvement
  5. Conduct performance reviews to enhance team dynamics
  6. Maintain a positive employee experience through brand identity, gifts for birthdays and other occasions
  7. Conduct team building activities to improve interactions, increase loyalty and engagement, and retain top talent.

Yuval Bonen

Co-Founder, VP Software at proteanTecs

Thanks to Adaptiq expertise, we were able to establish our R&D base in Eastern Europe on time, despite tight schedules. Their commitment to our success was truly impressive. Overall our partnership during the recent years has been a game-changer in driving breakthroughs in our engineering endeavors

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