International Payments Platform Development for TalkRemit Ab.



Synergy Period

1 year

Team size

35 people


Java, PHP, Flutter

Team Composition

Delivery Director/Release Manager, BA, UI/UX team, Scrum Masters/Tech leads, BE support team, BE new microservices, FE team, Mobile team, QA team, DevOps and Infrastructure team

The Client

TalkRemit is an international financial services provider regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and specializing in cross-border remittance. Founded in 2016 and today its service is available in 17 sender countries and users can send money to loved ones in over 40 destinations worldwide.



TalkRemit Ab was at a critical juncture in its business trajectory. With ambitious plans to distinguish themselves in a competitive market, they recognized the need for a significant technological and strategic overhaul. These plans included not only enhancing their existing offerings but also gearing up to capture the Canadian market.

Central to this strategy was the analysis of the existing infrastructural capabilities and creation of new cross-functional R&D engineering teams capable of driving high performance and speed in development.

Subsequent to this analysis, the CTO office needed to craft a sophisticated solution design. This process included the development of a detailed plan and architecture that should cascade into all technical domains, covering Backend, Frontend, and UX .



  • The existing engineering teams were scattered across various providers and geographical locations, which led to poor coordination and communication. This setup hindered seamless interaction and integration of efforts.
  • Additionally, the product development was disorganized and still in its early stages, requiring a shift towards a more organized and focused approach.
  • Another critical challenge was the knowledge aggregation from these distributed teams to a newly established, centralized team. With only the CTO as the constant on the TalkRemit side, and all other contributors forming small, remote groups using outdated technologies added layers of complexity to consolidating the knowledge and expertise into a unified, efficient development engine.


Our Partnership

Adaptiq stepped in to streamline and enhance their engineering capabilities. A key aspect of our collaborative effort was establishing and rolling out offshore cross functional dedicated teams in Ukraine, specializing in architectural design, UX, Frontend, Backend, and DevOps.

Optimizing coordination and efficiency and working in agile methodologies, these teams conducted their operations through planned sprints, ensuring that every phase of development was aligned with TalkRemit expectations and timelines. This structured approach enabled the teams to remain flexible and responsive to changes, while consistently delivering progress and quality.



  1. A new solution design and architecture were successfully introduced, creating a robust foundation for future technology deployments.
  2. To ensure continuous quality, streamlined processes were implemented, making it easier to maintain high standards across all operations.
  3. Setup of scalable R&D teams in Ukraine has allowed TalkRemit to expand their capabilities efficiently.
  4. Offshore engineering teams created by Adaptiq operated under constant quality and delivery monitoring, ensuring that every project milestone aligns with the company’s high expectations and market needs.

Linus Jönsson


Adaptiq’s excellent delivery has impressively exceeded our high expectations. Implementing thorough quality processes and setting up scalable R&D teams in Ukraine were crucial moves that have increased our operational efficiency and market agility.

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