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R&D Team for the World-Famous Website Builder Duda



Synergy Period

2+ years

Team size



Node, React

Team Composition

Team Leaders, Senior Full Stack, Front End Engineers, and Web Designers

The Client

Duda is an Israeli startup and web development platform that provides users with tools for easily creating and managing websites. It serves all types of customers, from freelancers to the biggest worldwide publishers. With over 20,000 digital agencies and SaaS projects using Duda, it’s no surprise that every 17 seconds, a new website is built on the platform. Duda has already helped create 14 million professional sites without coding or design skills and was awarded as the Top-Rated Enterprise Website Building Platform.


During the active scaling, Duda’s customer pool was rapidly increasing, and product functionality was expanding with new features and capabilities, which significantly intensified all the development processes. Historically, Duda had been scaling its delivery team only within Israel. However, due to the active growth and the limited local tech talent market, the company faced difficulty hiring the required specialists in Israel within a strict timeframe and in line with the business goals. That’s why Duda reached out to Adaptiq for help in expanding its development capacities and establishing an R&D team in Ukraine.


Duda’s rapidly growing business required the swift establishment of an R&D team to meet its increasing demands. As it was the client’s first experience expanding outside Israel, Duda was concerned about finding a reliable partner who could truly understand their business challenges while meeting their high-level requirements.

The company has a unique corporate culture and expects new team members to have not only high-level technical expertise and a product-oriented mindset but also advanced soft skills and an appropriate cultural background. Duda didn’t compromise on any of these requirements during the selection process, ensuring that the new remote team aligns seamlessly with their values. To successfully build a dream team for Duda, we had to implement a comprehensive and in-depth filtering and scanning process.

Our Partnership

  • Our collaboration began with a pilot project to create an R&D team. Duda was highly engaged in the hiring process and actively participated in it. We worked closely with the company’s entire C-level.
  • Once we established all the necessary processes, agreed on our vision for future R&D teams, and built a high level of trust, Duda’s executives fully entrusted us with the hiring process. They minimized their involvement and received high-quality engineering teams focused on the result and deeply integrated into Duda’s culture and environment.
  • We successfully built a strong multi-functional R&D team and guided them through the onboarding process. Adaptiq fully immersed them in the corporate culture and values. Matching the culture was a crucial aspect for Duda because it ensured that all new hires shared the same vision and goals. This contributed to higher employee satisfaction, motivation, and retention, which led to better productivity. We found specialists who became real ambassadors for the company. We also provided team support, productivity maintenance, psychological and relocation assistance during the crisis work period that followed the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.


  1. Quickly launched a multidisciplinary team with diverse backgrounds and skill sets in a new market. As a result, the client handled the growing workload and seamlessly integrated new features into the web development platform.
  2. Fully integrated R&D teams in Ukraine into Duda’s global culture and values.
  3. Assembled a web design team to meet the company’s requirements.
  4. Continuously provide annual analysis of the job market and achievement of KPIs, including salary levels, technology demand, and recommendations for bonus reviews based on KPIs.

Amir Glatt


We were struggling to keep up with the volume of new features and initiatives that required a timely execution and we needed to allocate resources effectively to ensure that our goals were achieved. Our experience with onboarding a software development team with Adaptiq was absolutely stellar. The conversion rate from interview to job offer has been impressively high, and we have been able to significantly reduce the workload on our interviewers.

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