Building and Scaling a Multidisciplinary R&D Center for Bringg


Poland / Ukraine

Synergy Period

3+ years

Team size



Java, .NET, React

Team Composition

Back-end, Front-end, QA, Team leads, Support engineers

The Client

Bringg is a global tech company that provides software solutions for the delivery and logistics industries. They offer an innovative platform that helps businesses streamline their delivery processes, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and create seamless delivery experiences for their customers. With a focus on innovation, global reach, and customer-centric solutions, Bringg is driving the future of the delivery industry.


Bringg has a diverse customer base, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises in retail, e-commerce, and grocery. Company is at the forefront of innovation, continuously developing new features and capabilities to stay ahead of the market.

The company came to us with a request to build a powerful R&D team, as they were experiencing hypergrowth, scale, and rapid expansion. During the scaling stage, it was crucial for Bringg to find a partner who could quickly establish an R&D center to speed up their processes and product development.

The establishment of an R&D center was the primary, but not the only, request. We faced such tasks:

  • Launching a multidisciplinary R&D center, including deep integration of team members into processes, communication, mission, and values at Bringg.
  • Building an effective management layer.
  • Creating and managing Bringg’s employer branding strategy on the Ukrainian market.
  • Setting up and maintaining in different locations.


Bringg management made a strategic decision to establish an R&D team in Ukraine to meet the requirements of their multiple products and services. The initial task was to build a team of 30 people in 6-7 months with a high engineering profile, an excellent level of education, and strong adaptability skills as the company planned to scale rapidly. The client had specific business needs, so we had to deal with a strict timeline and an extensive workload.

Scaling was not just about hiring engineers but also building the entire managerial layer, including line managers and team leads who were responsible for supervising, coordinating, and executing processes.

Our Partnership

  • An important requirement from the Bringg was to ensure that every R&D specialist was deeply integrated into the company’s philosophy, from engineering skill levels to understanding business processes, culture, and values. So we focused on finding talent with the right mindset and cultural fit to meet the high expectations of the client. 
  • Another key task was to establish an employer branding plan and implement it in the Ukrainian market. We aimed to create brand awareness and position Bringg as an innovative, employee-oriented company with a strong technological and values background. 
  • We developed a comprehensive two-year plan of events to immerse new hires in the company culture. For example, Bringg organized various corporate marathons, team-building, and family-friendly events to promote an active lifestyle and well-being. The same activities were also implemented in the local R&D centers we built.
  • To align with Bringg’s core value of eco-consumption and a green environment, we designed a comfortable green office in Kyiv. Our team built a complex IT infrastructure that matched the highest standards of company offices, for example, in Tel Aviv or New York, in every aspect.


  1. Successfully established a multidisciplinary R&D center for active scaling, including engineers, a management layer, and a support unit. The team has continued to grow and expand in response to new business needs and company tasks. Additionally, in 2022, we launched a new R&D center in Poland.
  2. Achieved deep integration of the R&D team into corporate values and culture, resulting in a high loyalty level and low employee turnover rate. We created a really integrated and motivated team.
  3. Highlighted Bringg’s employer brand in Ukraine through a well-thought-out strategy, including brand promotion in media, specialized forums and platforms, active participation in community events, etc. As a result, we have built a recognized brand presence in the local talent market.
  4. Effectively established infrastructure and offices, and we are keeping up the ongoing support in both Ukraine and Poland, including meeting maintenance, payroll & legal services, office management & procurement.

Shlomi Sasson


I can confidently say that Adaptiq was the perfect choice to establish a multidisciplinary R&D center for us from scratch, in multiple locations.

One of the main challenges we faced was aligning the culture and processes of the new R&D center with that of Bringg, and with the Adaptiq unique business model, we were able to do that together seamlessly.

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