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    Who We Are

    At Adaptiq, we understand that every company is unique, and that's why we specialize in creating
tailor-made solutions that reshape your strategies for software development and team growth.

    Unlock your potential

    Our main goal is to help you reframe your staffing model and build product-oriented teams that drive tangible results. Whether you're a startup or an established enterprise, we're here to align our strategies with your objectives and lead you toward becoming a recognizable industry leader.

    Expertise you can trust

    Adaptiq has a proven track record of enabling companies to thrive. Our expertise lies in resolving your challenges, from fast and accurate hiring to seamless integration and cost optimization.

    Your vision, our mission

    We don't just follow industry trends – we set them. We're your partner in embracing innovation, adapting to change, and thriving in a dynamic market. With a laser focus on innovation, we bring together top talent and cutting-edge strategies to empower your growth and take your company to new heights.

    our services
    How we can
    help you.

    Adaptiq specializes in providing top-notch
software development teams that align with your business goals.

    Product-Oriented Teams

    We go beyond traditional collaboration with an agency by forming teams that are driven by your product's vision, ensuring perfect alignment with your business goals.

    Custom Team Setup

    Leveraging our ability to spot top-notch talent in the market, we assist you in the recruitment, selection, and seamless integration of the perfect professionals into your R&D teams.

    Scaling Your R&D

    We redefine the way you scale your teams by providing remote talent that integrates seamlessly into your organization, ensuring productivity, and excellence.


    the Industries.

    Our flexible and innovative approach ensures that we
    deliver results that drive growth and excellence across
    a diverse range of industries.


    We help leading cybersecurity companies develop comprehensive platforms that detect cyberthreats, protect sensitive data, businesses, and their users, and ensure compliance with a wide range of security policies.


    We help to create high-tech mobile programmatic platforms that simplify and automate the process of buying and selling native and video mobile ads, providing a streamlined experience for advertisers and publishers.


    We help to develop software that monitors the health, performance, reliability, and quality of chips and identifies critical issues at every stage of production.

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    Big Data

    We support the development of powerful AI and ML-based analytics platforms that empower companies to process big data and perform time-sensitive, complex business insights faster and more cost-effectively.

    Web Development Platforms

    We participate in developing the leading platforms for website creation, implementing cutting-edge technologies that align with their business logic, goals, and security compliance requirements.

    Enterprise Software

    We support fast-growing companies in transforming into digital-first enterprises, from automating routine business processes to implementing innovative solutions that drive revenue growth.


    We help leading transportation and logistics companies design innovative digital systems that improve road safety, traffic efficiency, and reduce congestion and pollution.

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